Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

I love botanical gardens, so it was a happy confluence when I noticed a sign for the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens at an exit off of I-85 on my way to the Charlotte airport after Shared Worlds. I had three hours until the flight, so I stopped at the gardens for a good forty minutes. Such gardens often strike me as somewhat fanciful, even fantastical, in the confluence of whimsical elements. This garden was interesting because of the high number of water features.

It was a doubly delightful detour because it turned out I could drive on from the gardens to the airport, and the whole drive–to the gardens and then on to the airport–was through just lovely, scenic countryside and small towns. Next year, Ann and I will definitely want to explore the area further.

Anyway, here are some photos, with the whole set on flickr.


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    it’s amazing how restful running water can be, we’ve got a fishtank near the dining room table and the combination of the trickling water and watching the fish wander around is very soothing….

    lovely lovely photos……..

    peace and love…

  2. Xelgaex says

    Is that a bear? Or possibly a frog?

    I really dig the water features too. Probably my favorite part about our local botanical garden.

    And actually on that note, is that first comment a real comment or just targeted spam? Usually I can tell pretty easily, but this one I only noticed when I saw that all the links are to the same place.