Finch Cover, Tad Williams Quote


The cover for the finished version of Finch is just about complete–just futzing around with the blurbs and whatnot.

Speaking of which, this blurb just came in from the awesome Tad Williams:

“VanderMeer’s FINCH is…well, it’s FAREWELL MY LOVELY if Philip Marlowe worked for the pod-people while snacking on Alice’s Wonderland mushrooms. It’s NAME OF THE ROSE if Sean Connery’s character was a conglomeration of self-aware spores instead of a medieval monk. It’s THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD if all the agents were also testing psychedelic drugs and hung out in a post-apocalyptic Emerald City instead of Eastern Europe. More importantly, FINCH is a really good book–exciting, dark, suspenseful, and wonderfully weird.” – Tad Williams

Feel free to share your own news here. I’ve a long weekend of catching up on stuff ahead of me…


  1. says

    One question, Sir:

    will there be a special signed edition available, likely advertised on this very site, or should I go ahead and pre-order on Amazon?

    my copy of The New Weird arrived today, waiting for Still Life to be in stock :-)

    D’oh, 2nd question – your published mentioned a possible poster of the cover art, which I would certainly buy. Any word?

  2. says

    Sweet, I’ll wait until you start selling them.
    Elsewhere, finished reading Martin Lake, which was so very worth it, and loved X. Gonna fly through the appendices then hit Shriek :-)

  3. says

    As awesome as the blurbs are, it’s kind of sad to see the gorgeous cover get clouded with anything.

    Will Victoria be doing any sort of special raw artifact, with nothing but FINCH and the design?

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Yes…it would be a shame if the book sold well or something.

    I don’t know if she will or not. It’d be cool, for sure.

  5. Kate Anderson says

    Dear Mr VanderMeer,

    Do you know when ‘Finch’ will be published in the UK? I’m assuming its to be published in the US first. I’d also like to know if you’d consider doing events in the UK as well. I’d love to get a signed copy of ‘Finch’ once it is published!

    Thanks and best,