War of Beer Against Books: Stone Brewing’s 13th Anniversary Ale, Muriel Barbery, Stephen Hunt, and More

While those poor genre-literary bastards continue to slug it out in an enclosed space downstream, Ann and I decided to ignore the goings-on there to conduct an experiment involving Stone Brewing Co.’s 13th anniversary ale, which they were kind enough to send us, and various books. The idea was to see which books went best with the beer, based on a sampling of both. The books were by Jesse Bullington, Marie Brennan, Stephen Hunt, Brooks Hansen, Emma Bull, Geoff Manaugh, Muriel Barbery, Warren Fahy, Brooks Hansen, and Christina Baker Kline

You can see and read the results on the Omnivoracious blog, with outtake photos from the last drinking session below…


  1. says

    For some reason I keep picturing you as the Kevin Pollak brownie character in Willow, shouting “Beer!” and diving back into the barrel.

  2. says

    After finally reading through that whole All Against All thread, I could use a couple bottles of what you’re drinking.

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    That beer looks pretty dark. Yummy.

    When I was a youngster I worked as a brewer’s assistant in a brewery in Swansea called Hancocks. We brewed an excellent mild beer and also a nut brown that was out of this world. Unfortunately the brewery closed and times changed and also palates. Now everyone seems to want lagers and light beers, all freezing cold and with excessive CO2 and my quest is to find two beers that come close to what we brewed ‘back in the day’.

    I remember when the master brewer dropped two vats into a lower, racking-vat not realising that one contained mild whilst the other was the nut brown. The resulting brew went out as just the usual Hancocks Dark Mild Ale, however, within a few days we started getting repeat orders for that particular gyle and the brewer discovered his error. But, being the wily old fox he was, he got away with it by explaining to the board that it was an experimental brew that he wanted to send out for a ‘blind’ tasting and look how successful it was! The customers clamoured for it, after all it was a brown and mild drink (fairly expensive as the nut brown was a bottled drink only) for the price of a normal pint of mild.

    Ahh my taste-buds weep for it even now after all these years…

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    As both a writer of Science Fiction and a home brewer of ale (in almost legal quantities), may I just say that it is good to see someone else recognize what is a fine pairing of Steampunk and Porter. I’m going to have to send you some really good beer, Jeff. I mean, Stone is good but . . .

  5. Hellbound Heart says

    …so was the penguin a two-pot screamer or did he drink you under the table…….
    love dark beer…mmmm….

    peace and love….