Library of Congress Booklife Talk (Washington, D.C.)

I’ll be talking about Booklife in the context of new media and the future at the Library of Congress as part of their What IF series. Pickford Theater, 3rd floor of the Madison Building, 101 Independence Ave, SE.

A unique writing guide to sustainable careers and sustainable creativity, the first to fully integrate discussion of the role of new media into topics that have always been of interest to writers.

“Booklife: The Private and the Public in the Future of Publishing What are the benefits and dangers of a confusion between the private creativity and the public career elements of a writer’s life caused by new media and a proliferation of “open channels”? What protective measures must a writer take to preserve his or her “self” in this environment? In addition to the guerilla tactics implicit in storytelling through social media and other unconventional platforms, in what ways is a writer’s life now itself a story irrespective of intentional fictive storytelling? Examining these issues leads naturally to a discussion on the tension and cross-pollination between the private and public lives of writers in our transmedia age, including the strategies and tactics that best serve those who want to survive and flourish in this new environment. What are we losing, and what do we stand to gain?”