Hugo House Booklife Workshop (Seattle, WA)

A workshop at the Hugo House sponsored by NW MediaArts. Details on how to sign up when I have them.

EXPLORING YOUR BOOKLIFE: In this new age of social media award-winning writer Jeff VanderMeer, the author of Booklife: Strategies & Survival Tips for 21st Century Writers, shows you how to achieve a sustainable career and sustainable creativity. The workshop touches in holistic fashion on both your Public Booklife and your Private Booklife. From dealing with white noise and “open channels” to multi-tasking your creativity, distinguishing process from habit, and rediscovering passion in your writing, this workshop is all about balance and working smarter. The workshop addresses questions like “How can thinking strategically about your career actually enhance your private writing time?” and “What types of promotion or networking enhance your life and which turn you into a dog chasing its own tail?” For beginning and intermediate writers. Whether you’ve just started submitting your work or have a couple of books published, this workshop will provide valuable strategies for enhancing your Booklife.