July Updates: Booklife, Finch, Kosher Guide, Last Drink, Steampunk, Etc.

(Yes, I’m chained to them forever, Booklife and Finch, their pub dates so close together that even the ARCs came in around the same time.)

The Kosher Guide to Imaginary Animals

Out in February of next year, and I’m thrilled to announce that in addition to an introduction by Joseph Nigg and the entries on the imaginary animals, the book will feature a conversation between my wife Ann and Duff Goldman, star of Ace of Cakes, about the best ways to cook some of these beasties. Like, erm, hobbit. Goldman’s hilarious.


The ARCs are going out now, the East-West Coast tour is getting firmed up (full list of dates by the end of July), and more blurbs have come in. I’ll mix ’em up, but I think it’ll be clear what’s for what…

“Beautifully horrible, grippingly repellent…Chinatown meets Naked Lunch with a sprinkling of Tetsuo II: The Bodyhammer. A must for fans of fantasy, noir, great writing, or, of course, fungus.” – Joe Abercrombie

“Many books tell us how to write, but Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife tells us how to be an author, specifically in today’s dynamic and quickly-changing world of new media and social networking. Whether you’re a beginner or an industry veteran just getting comfortable with your presence online, Booklife will have something for you. VanderMeer made me think, question my own path, and make plans for a more focused move forward.” – Mur Lafferty

“Jeff VanderMeer has written a fascinating book on managing a writing career, including promotion, use of new media, career paths, resources, networking, conventions and–not incidentally!–balancing all of this with actual writing. Recommended for anyone who writes, wants to write, or has written and now wonders what to do next.” – Nancy Kress

“Wow, what a cool novel. Heavy with shadows and dark as sin, detective, fantasy…I loved it. In fact, I’m a little jealous.” – Joe R. Lansdale

“A frank, revealing, riveting manual by a writer for writers, not simply on how to be a better wordsmith, but on how to be a better human being.” – Minister Faust

And here are some photos of the awesome, awesome interior of Booklife, designed by the amazing John Coulthart…

Last Drink Bird Head

This charity antho of microfictions is about to enter pre-production for projected release at World Fantasy, and I’ll have a full list of contributors soon. If you are a contributor, thanks for being patient about progress on this, and on getting you contracts. Since we’re not making any money on it, it’s dangerous for me as a freelancer to spend too much time in any one week on it.

Steampunk II

We’re in preliminary negotiations to do a second reprint Steampunk anthology with Tachyon. If we do go forward, as I believe we will, it’ll focus on the last ten years and we’ll be having an open reading period where writers can send us their reprints via email for consideration. So as not to miss anything and so we can have as much diversity as possible. Please don’t query now, though–we will make sure everybody knows when we’re reading, and how to submit to us, if this comes about.


Three other projects are in the works, and we hope to be able to announce at least two of them soon. The other will take a little longer, but will feature, among others, AM, MM, CM, CP, KB, TW, GN…well, I’d better stop talking about it or I’m gonna jinx it. Yes, I’m a tease…


  1. says

    Sweet interior for Booklife, and I thought that before I saw my name in the credits. I even jumped the gun and tried to visit the website on the back cover.

    As for the other projects, yes, you’re a tease. What are those, high-scoring Scrabble words? Initials? M. Moorcock? K. Baker? Gary Numan? Is it a New Wave/New Weird mash-up CD?

  2. jeff vandermeer says

    Crazy thing is that you’re actually *in* Finch, so that’s a two-fer.

  3. says

    I would never attempt a book about AM Radio, M&M Candies, Curium, a process capability index, Kilobits, the internet of Taiwan, and the West African nation of Guinea.

    Best of luck with that one.

    (I hacked your code with Wikipedia. You really need to work on your blog’s cryptography, btw.)

  4. says

    I just bought the first Steampunk anthology and now I find out there’s another one coming in the future? I am a happy little reader at the moment. And now I must patiently wait for Booklife to be out so I can snatch that up as well. It’s neat to see previews of the books. And it makes me just a bit wistful, hoping someday to see my own stories in advanced copies.

  5. says

    When your initials are TW, that sort of teaser can make your heart stop for a second. What surprise could Jeff VanderMeer have in store for me, one wonders? And then one realizes that there are plenty of other things and people in the world with those initials. And one wonders if one should be disappointed or heave a sigh of relief.