Tap Tap. This Thing On? Podcast of Finch, Chapter One (with cell phone)

Yep, this is the rough, first take. Cough cough. Blork. Eeet always gets better. I will be podcasting the entire novel in November.


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    Er, given that there are people called “Partials” in the novel, let me rephrase that: If the publisher thinks it’ll cut into sales, I’ll podcast only a part of the novel.

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    I see my dirty mind has begun to fail me, as I didn’t think about the Partials in that way until Jeff did. Now I wonder if there’ll be some sick soul who’ll write Partial slash fic.

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    Gah! I could’ve used this on Saturday when I had two plane flights! What did I tell you about telepathically checking my itinerary before you go podcasting?