Capybara FACute at Giant Hamster

So you still have capybara questions?! STILL?!

Well, now Caplin Rous has answered your questions in his own FACute over at his site, along with tons of photos!

Just a couple of highlights:

– Our skin is very, very tough so, tragically, we makes good leather.
– I do not like fruit pieces in my yogurt. I have to eat around them.
– When I’m excited, I popcorn like a guinea pig.
– My tongue is so short it doesn’t come out of my mouth so I have to rub my nose on the wall and then lick the excess yogurt off the wall. I will also use a chair for that purpose.


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    the capy’s adorable but i think i’d prefer the fluffy poosy-poosy cat in the last entry….makes me go all mooshy…

    peace and love…..