Capybara FACute at Giant Hamster

Jeff VanderMeer • June 27th, 2009 @ 7:41 am • Culture

So you still have capybara questions?! STILL?!

Well, now Caplin Rous has answered your questions in his own FACute over at his site, along with tons of photos!

Just a couple of highlights:

– Our skin is very, very tough so, tragically, we makes good leather.
– I do not like fruit pieces in my yogurt. I have to eat around them.
– When I’m excited, I popcorn like a guinea pig.
– My tongue is so short it doesn’t come out of my mouth so I have to rub my nose on the wall and then lick the excess yogurt off the wall. I will also use a chair for that purpose.

2 Responses to “Capybara FACute at Giant Hamster”

  1. Coral Waters says:

    Those are the best highlights. The yogurt thing is creepy!

  2. Hellbound Heart says:

    the capy’s adorable but i think i’d prefer the fluffy poosy-poosy cat in the last entry….makes me go all mooshy…

    peace and love…..

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