Booklife/Finch Fall Book Tour Update

In the ongoing seek-and-acquire that is the book tour for Finch/Booklife in the fall, it’s now looking both more manageable and more specific. Because of Booklife, some events may be workshops or presentations. I’m flexible.

West Coast

Oct. 28-Nov. 2 – World Fantasy con events (including a book release party after the opening ceremonies that Thursday).

Nov. 4-15 (Seattle down to San Fran/possibly LA) – Since most or all of this will be by car, and include Portland among others, I’m open to suggestions of lit. festivals, writer groups, bookstores, etc. Chances are I’ll wind up in San Fran doing a reading the weekend of Nov. 14th.


Nov. 16-27 (some combo of Toronto, NYC, Boston, Dartmouth NH, including a break for Thanksgiving) – We’re still working out the details of city order, venue, etc. Again, suggestions always welcome as we hash this out.

Mid Atlantic

Nov. 28-? (Philly, DC, Carolinas) – The least defined part of the tour thus far, but with one gig each more or less certain in Philadelphia and Washington D.C., and lots of strong possibilities in the Carolinas.

Should be fun.


  1. says

    I was actually thinking of heading up through Portland and Seattle myself after World Fantasy. You will probably be busy, but maybe a brief foray into the Portland beer scene might be in order…

  2. says

    If you come down to Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego) you could then follow up your reading with dinner at Stone’s bistro.

    Personally, I’m very fond of inventing reasons to go to Stone’s bistro…

  3. says

    Yeah, I fired that off before I closely looked at the schedule you had laid out there.

    Bay area to LA to San Diego then to the Northeast within 3 days sounds more like punishment than publicity.

  4. says

    Rob–yeah, and I remember you were kind enough to arrange a Shriek event there, if I recall, with that blasted experimental film thingee.

    I’ll contact them. I think I’ll be teaming up with Paul Tremblay for at least one event.

  5. says

    John–yep. It’s just about the time of year. Nothing can happen during Thanksgiving, and most universities are too busy with finals by around Dec. 8th to do any events. So there are several things I’d love to do in the middle of the country, but they’re spread out and too many flights would be involved to get the timing right. If the books were coming out in the spring, I could be leisurely and drive everywhere. So much is possible in Seattle and San Fran, and then in the very small area of the Northeast, that alas I’ve got to skip a lot.


  6. Dan says

    It would be fabulous if you could stop in either Toronto or Montreal during the tour. There’s a crew of fans up here in Ottawa that wouldn’t hesitate to drive a few hours to catch you read.

  7. says

    Toronto’s becoming a more and more remote possibility. What it would take is someone there who knows the area bookstore-wise or university-wise, or both, and has the right connections. I’m stretched a little thin to do the recon.


  8. Dan says

    We’ll put the lean on Toronto folks to get in touch. Failing that I guess we’ll see you in New York. Regardless, I’m glad to hear you’re touring and I can’t wait to get my eyeballs on a copy of Finch.

  9. says

    Kater–nope. :( Just doesn’t quite work. That Thanksgiving week is just a killer. However, I’m fairly sure I’ll be doing individual events around Booklife in the spring, and AZ might just be on the list.

    You’ll be at WFC, though!



  10. Cameron Pierce says

    There are a lot of bizarro writers in Portland. We’re often holding readings or just getting together at a local brewpub. I’ll be heading to World Fantasy straight from BizarroCon. Finch and Booklife both sound great…really looking forward to reading them!

  11. Hellbound Heart says

    new destination….
    december 15th-?? Northern New South Wales, Australia……

    c’mon, be a sport, ay?

  12. Jeff VanderMeer says

    Hellbound–pay my expenses, and I’m there. :)

    Cameron–cool. Now looks like two events in Portland, one at a Powells, the other a party/reading in a bar. Look forward to meeting the bizarros.

    Natania–We’re just now starting Carolinas recon. If you’ve got any leads–university reading/lecture series, bookstores, writer groups, etc., drop me an email. It’s almost certain I’m going to Wofford and to Asheville. I’d like to include Raleigh as I’ve never been and I hear it’s great.


  13. Matt Denault says

    Hey, I went to that “experimental film thingee” for Shriek at Pandemonium in Cambridge — I think I still have a beer coaster somewhere.

    If Pandemonium doesn’t work out for the Boston area, you might also look into the Harvard Book Store in Cambridge (unaffiliated with the University). They do a lot of author events, including folks like Carlos Ruiz Zafon just this week, China Mieville and Greer Gilman recently, Neal Stephenson earlier in the year.

    The Porter Square Bookstore is another local independent that does author events.

  14. says

    Yes, please do come to Raleigh! Courageously break down the invisible barrier that seems to keep a lot of authors out of the Southeast!