Housekeeping–Secret Lives, BAF2, etc.

Just a quick note to say that all Secret Lives copies and BAF2 copies promised are going out Monday. This would’ve been taken care of much earlier if not for the sudden onslaught of deadlines coupled with losing Ann’s car to the crash over Memorial Day weekend. Which basically meant being house-bound since Ann needs a car more than I do. My apologies for the delays, but you will all have your orders shortly. Thanks for your patience; these kinds of delays are not usual around here.

Also, next week we’ll announce the contents of BAF3 along with other exciting news about the series. And I will be getting back to the 60 in 60, albeit at a slow pace.

I hope you enjoyed the welter of surreal/fantastical material from the last week. It was just a good time to piggyback some stuff off of China’s guestblogging stint on Amazon.