That Arrogant Bastard Is In Our House Again

(Okay, so the cats didn’t care about any of this…)

Actually, it’s not Arrogant Bastard, but it’s free samples from the same Stone Brewing Company that we know and love. Next week Ann and I will gather a series of recent books, open the beer, and sip from both books and beer to determine what books go best with their thirteenth anniversary ale and their stout, for a post on Amazon. Sometimes this is a terrible job.

Oh how the anticipation rose after we realized the box was not full of more books…


  1. Mary C says

    I very much enjoyed last year’s “Beer with Books” post. Looking forward to another. Wouldn’t it be a shame if this became an annual event?

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    ooh yeah beer beer beer….what ozzzztrayan beers have you tried….what did you think of ’em?

    peace and love….