Weird Tales #353: Jeffrey Ford, Jeff Johnson, Paul Tremblay, and Others

New Weird Tales. My wife Ann is the fiction editor, although you probably already know that. In August she’ll be going to the World SF Convention as a Hugo nominee because of it. Here’s the lineup. I should note there’s some awesome stuff in this issue, but “The Garbacologist” is perhaps the most awesome. It’s a tough call.

– “Weiroot” | by Jeffrey Ford
– “The Garbacologist” | by Jeff Johnson
– “Headstones in Your Pocket” | by Paul G. Tremblay
– “Bruise for Bruise” | by Robert Davies
– “Court Scranto” | by Caleb Wilson
– “Selected Views of Mt. Fuji, With Dinosaurs” | by Hunter Eden

– “Thomas Ligotti: The Weird Tales Interview” | Geoffrey Goodwin asks horror’s offbeat genius: must life be so decayingly crummy?
– “Richard Corben: Drawing Upon the Masters” | The comic-book legend tells Bill Baker about adapting Poe and Lovecraft for Marvel’s Haunt of Horror.

– Weirdism | J.G. Ballard: the most mindblowing drug
– The Bazaar | steampunk art sorceress Bethalynne Bajema
– The Library | Tanith Lee, Catherynne Valente, and Jedediah Berry
– Lost In Lovecraft | a literary journey with Kenneth Hite

Cover illustration by Saara Salmi

(Stolen from Paul Tremblay because I’m lazy.)


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    …and here i was thinking that after reading your blog i was going to turn in for a good peaceful night’s sleep…….and then i see that book cover…….bbbrrrrr, creepy……..

    sweet dreams…….