Lord Lizard-Skink Is Back!! All Hail the Lizard-Skink…

My friend the lizard-skink, the reincarnation of our cat Pretty Ugly, last seen more than a year ago–he’s back! Well, I think it’s a he. Sexing lizards is not my strong suit. Also, erm, I think it’s the same lizard, but it might be a successor. Don’t know how long these critters live. But it was a thrill to see him near the garage, giving me that tough-guy baleful glance.

Here’re some past entries on him, including lizard mugshots. I still don’t know exactly what he is, but I’m glad he’s around.


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    You have a green amevia by your house? I knew that Florida was becoming overrun with non-native reptile species, but this is particularly cool.