The Third Bear Ez Truly Dangerous

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Jacob McMurray has come up with an awesome cover for my short story collection, out from Tachyon in 2010. Back cover text is placeholder, of course. I’m currently selecting the contents, with a due date of turning the manuscript in July 1st.


It made its home in the deep forest near the village of Grommin, and all anyone ever saw of it, before the end, would be hard eyes and the dark barrel of its muzzle. The smell of piss and blood and shit and bubbles of saliva and half-eaten food. The villagers called it the Third Bear because they had killed two bears already that year. But, near the end, no one really thought of it as a bear, even though the name had stuck, changed by repetition and fear and slurring through blood-filled mouths to Theeber. Sometimes it even sounded like “seether” or “seabird.”


  1. says

    Some stories I know will be in it:

    Three Days in a Border Town
    Third Bear (naturally)
    Fixing Hanover
    The Goat Variations (although probably not the redux one I posted here)
    The Situation
    The Quickening (if I finish it in time)

    I’m contemplating the rest, including some form of Errata and some form of the Dying Earth story. Just not sure. I want this to be airtight, but with variety of length and tone–within reason.


  2. says

    “The Quickening” would be a new story, JM. If I include “The Three Quests of the Wizard Sarnod” (as opposed to the version “The Final Quest of the Wizard Sarnod”) then that’s another new story basically as the Dying Earth antho version cuts a whole character and thread, which meant doing triage on what was left. All stories will be edited and revised from their original appearance, which is pretty typical for me. Also contemplating doing something with the script of The Situation Eric Orchard is turning into a graphic novel, since it’s also a radically different story in that form.

  3. jeff vandermeer says

    Mock-up within the normal range for Tachyon. I think I can turn it in anywhere from 80k to 100k but I actually have a query in to them bout that to confirm.