Aw, Look: Some Baby Finches in Their Nest…

Underland sent me a few copies of the uncorrected proofs sent to potential blurbers. Darn purty, although I’m running out of worms to feed them. Advance reading copies for reviewers should go to the printer shortly, too.

Hey–no, Jango, no, get out of that nest of Finches!


  1. says

    Awww…. Wait! It looks like they are stomping that little one at the bottom of the box. Bullies. Jango’s intentions may not have been all bad.

  2. willy the loop says

    We have some purple finches nest in a hanging planter on our upstairs porch a few summers ago. Four babies born with gaping beaks that demanded food of their parents, and which eventually made fumbling first flight attempts and were never seen again.

    Is your finch purple (in language that is)?