For We Are Made of Cardboard…and Yet We Live…

As reported on Omnivoracious, I have been playing demi-god and sending this Star Wars punch-out-and-play book to blawgers all over the world, to see what playful photography they might come up with. Corey Redekop is the first to take the bait, and the results can be found here. Still to come, entries from Sir Tessa the Reluctant Ninja Knight, the Wondrous Thunderous Finn, the Laconic Vodka King, and the Fathomless Boneshaking Supahstah. Gawd, what a motley crew has manifested and thus been assembled for this quest. Will they top the Maniacal Biblio-Monkey or fall to his genius? Stay tuned.

(Diabolic were his hench-beings, and stalwart besides. Sir Tessa would never get close enough with that toe-activated broadsword. The Wondrous One would never get past his mind-shield with those evil thoughts. He would be too fast for the Vodka King’s unique alkie flamethrower. His bones would be impervious to the Fathomless Supahstah’s crushing. Was he The One? The bene gesserit believed so. The federation believed so as well. But they were in different franchises and thus could not be trusted…)