Sfar and Trondheim’s Sublime Dungeon

I just did a long feature on Dungeon for Omnivoracious. Love this series.

Each of these characters, and many supporting players, are fleshed out over the course of the series to an astounding degree. One masterstroke by Sfar and Trondheim in mapping out the narrative was to create different story “threads.” Thus, you get three main series–the dungeon’s Early Years, Zenith, and Twilight–with minor stories that still support the main narrative collected in the parallel series Monstres and Parade. Not only does this allow the creators, and a series of guest artists, to work on whatever parts of the narrative interest them at any particular time, it makes the effect truly three-dimensional. Further, you can, more or less, begin with any particular thread you want, and then read through the others–every point of entry creates a different experience of situation and character.