Strange Birth: Morbid Anatomy at Barrister’s

(Maud Larsson’s Strange Birth)

I love Barrister’s Gallery in New Orleans. Being there as part of the New Orleans Indie Book Festival a few years back was amazing. The art they promote is so fantastical and dark and oddly beautiful. And the place itself you really have to see–a high-high ceiling means they can display huge canvases all the way up.

Now they’re showcasing a new exhibit. Go check out the images, and if you’re in Nawlins go visit Barrister’s.

(Monique Ligons’ Anatomy of Pantroglodyte)

Evil Monkey: I don’t recall sitting for a portrait! Nor ever being that open with anyone, not even my best friends.

Jeff: You talk in your sleep. And sometimes we drug you and have painters come in and do sketches.

Evil Monkey: That’s deeply disturbing.

Jeff: You’re deeply disturbing, Evil.


  1. Hellbound Heart says

    i love art that provokes and prods like this….
    peace and love…..