Ziesing Books Has Your Derek Raymond–and Tons More

I just got the latest catalog from Ziesing Books, and they went ahead and stocked some extra copies of the Derek Raymond novels from Serpent’s Tail Press. These are sharp, snazzy editions in trade paperback, and a good opportunity to check out Raymond. Cindy and Mark Ziesing are also two of my favorite people, and their online and printed catalogs are great. They love a wide variety of books, so although you’ll find lots of genre stuff in there, you’ll also find amazing non-genre books you never thought you needed…but you do!

They’re also great at special orders, like the two out-of-print Raymond books I got through them. I especially like that they take such care in wrapping the books and sending them. (They do ship overseas, but are based in California.)


  1. Becky says

    These books do really look cool! I really want to read this guy now. Haven’t read a good mystery in ages. Any other mystery/suspense books you would recommend?

  2. Hellbound Heart says

    i wanna come around to your place (if the missus don’t mind!) and drown myself in all of the great books that you have…..jesus, small children and a full time job puts a crimp on things….
    peace and love (yet again)

  3. Dan Read says

    I love the Ziesings! I’ve been ordering from their catalog (and emailing them my special orders) for almost twenty years now, which is amazing. As Jeff described in a recent post, they always take great care with the books you order, and I just get a good feeling doing business with them. The catalogs are fun to read every month as well, and I always marvel that someone is still putting out a hand-designed, printed catalog of hand-picked book selections–every one receiving some kind of custom blurb or description from Mark.


  4. says

    If Jesus gets in the way of your reading, Hellbound, dump him like you’d dump a crazy first date–scoot out the bathroom window at the restaurant.

    Becky–I’ll do a post on mysteries soon.

    Dan–yeah, they’re great!