What Have You Sacrificed for Your Writing?

I was talking with a writing friend who pointed to Delany’s writing book, where in part Delany talks about “everything he’s had to sacrifice to become the writer that he is: wealth, health, friends, lovers, etc.” I’m thinking about inserting a little bit about this subject into Booklife while I do the final round of substantial edits this week.

What is sacrifice in this context? What is it you’ve given up? Do you regret giving it up? What won’t you give up for your writing? What have others given up for your writing?

Feel free to post a comment anonymously as necessary.

Monstrous Creatures Cover

Eric Orchard’s cover art for my nonfiction collection, Monstrous Creatures from Raw Dog/Guide Dog Books. The book will be about 75,000 words, culled from the last five years of nonfiction. Which means rooting around through over 250,000 words of material that might be worthy. I want this book to be airtight.

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More *&@&*#!! Delays

Sorry, folks. 60 in 60 will be delayed another few days. I’m also behind on shipping out Secret Lives, etc. Please bear with me. I don’t post much personal stuff here ’cause I don’t like whining when I read it elsewhere so why whine here, but will just say a temporary condition is a little more serious than I thought and playing havoc with my ability to concentrate on anything. So serious writing stuff of any kind is just not going to fly for right now. Might or might not Will post this week when it’s fun to do so.

PKD Award

Congrats to David Walton, whose Terminal Mind from Meadowhawk Press in Memphis just won the Philip K. Dick Award.

Update: Er, now in the comments section of Cheryl Morgan picking up my link, some confusion is expressed as to the results. Adam Troy-Castro and Walton are sharing the award? There’s no special citation? As I recall, the original announcement about the finalists was off a bit, too. So…will await official press release. I got my intel directly from the publisher of Terminal Mind. (In this age of twitter/facebook/etc., it seems awfully…silly?…not to have a press release ready to send off at the exact moment of the actual results being announced at the ceremony. Especially for an SF award!)

So, What’re You Doing This Weekend?

I spent part of my holiday arm-wrestling a child. Always up for a challenge! Afterwards, I body-slammed a chipmunk. Then I punted a bunny rabbit.



Blog Favorites

Someone emailed me today and asked what’s on my blog favorites list on my browser. It’s pretty sparse, frankly. I’ve pared it down quite a bit because I was just sick of being overwhelmed with information, and also I have a low b.s. threshold at the moment. What’s on there now is a combo of blogs that I think of as “no bullshit zones,” blogs I’m just curious about recently and may or may not have staying power, a couple of news/review sites (Barnes & Noble has been publishing some really high-quality reviews), and then a few blogs of friends (which, coincidentally, all qualify as “no-b.s. zones,” too; I have good friends). This doesn’t include stuff I browse casually every once in awhile. And I’m sure I’ll go back to having a longer list, but for now this is more than enough, especially since plenty of intel comes in through email every day.

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