Conversations with the Bookless Migrates to BookSpot Central

A little over a year ago, I completed my last “Conversation with the Bookless” feature, with David Moles. (That link will lead you to all of the others, with folks such as Rachel Swirsky, Nathan Ballingrud, and Kelly Barnhill.)

Now Jay Tomio and BookSpot Central have revived the series, with a slant more toward crime writers. They’ve been posting a hellacious number of these things, so if you want to acquaint yourself with some of the bookless, roaming the literary landscape like zombie ghosts, here ya go:

Greg Bardsley

Jordan Harper

Frank Bill

Jedidiah Ayers

Keith Rawson

Anonymous 9

Sandra Seamans


  1. Jay Tomio says

    Thanks for the mention!

    I just want to note that all credit for this should go to Brian Lindenmuth who has done all the (fine) work on this project.

  2. Nick Mamatas says

    Nice, and especially interesting given the relatively few high-profile crime fiction venues.