Six Shooter Interview and Books Received, fer a Busy, Chaotic Monday

Monday books received added to the end of this post.
Note: This is a living, breathing post that will keep changing in small but significant ways all day, like–a squirrel helping me figure out edits to one last Finch passage being difficult, or more incoming books, or this weird video, which used to be this weird video until I realized how disturbing it was!

Feeling like this right now?

Had a bloodshot weekend? Love books? Gonna have a crappy Monday?

Here’s me yammering on about fictional characters, not understanding books, why you should ignore me as a curmudgeon, etc. That should make it crappier. Then, as antidote, check out this lovely winter-ish post involving a graveyard of abandoned shoes and two amateur private detectives exploring a building.

As further antidote, here’s some eye candy for ya.

Me, I’ve got four introductions to various books to write this week, three reviews, four Amazon features, and a patridge in a pear tree. Rest for the weary? Not bloody likely. Getting to “Borne” this week? No. Not at all. (Next week? Yes, or go nuts.)

Likey the book eye candy? Gots yer own books received or bought? Feel free to give the linkage in the comments.

Also, which of these books are you most looking forward to? Why?

(top sekrit government project…)

As for that last one, heh, much more in an Amazon feature soon.


  1. says

    Yes, yes, yes, Jeff. All good and whatnot, but do I REALLY see a new R. A. MacAvoy book over there? ‘In Between’? Tell me more! Something to do with her novella “Go-Between”?

  2. drax says

    Oh, WOOF. Wow. I’d say “Hang in there” but I’m sure you’re up for the battle. Still… Jesus! Carry on.

  3. Dan Read says

    Put me down for the Robert Wexler as most anticipated! I’ve really enjoyed his previous books, In Springdale Town (PS) and Circus of the Grand Design (Prime).


  4. says

    Phillipine Speculative Fiction IV and the Mary Robinette Kowall are the two I wish I recieved in the mail…

    Hm. I’ll just have to buy them, and vote with my wallet for more stuff like that.

  5. says

    That video is rather trippy. There’s a giant squid at the 2 minute-area … so they get bonus points for that. …. and did I sea a bird riding a bird???

    Lots of good books amongst the photos. Anything by Charles DeLint or Charles Vess or any combination of Charles’s is definitely worth checking out. Got to have the new Scalzi book as well. :)

    … punch out Darth Vader? …. you gotta have balls to try that!

  6. says

    The Imago Sequence is an exceptional book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    I’d love to read the MacAvoy and the Straub as well. Are they Subterranean books? If so, I do believe I need to get over to that website and do me some shopping when my next paycheck arrives.

  7. says

    The R.A.MacAvoy, because I wrote her a fannish letter like 20 years ago (to do with Tea With the Black Dragon I think) and she actually wrote back. What an awesome youthful experience.

  8. says

    Since you so kindly invited me to do so, here’s my own meager haul. Some purchases mixed in with the review copies.

    Just started Chaos. Promising so far, but far too early to tell what I’ll make of it.

    What’s the Lennon book about? I’m also wanting to read the Kowal collection. As for work weeks, Monday was okay, but this afternoon was a mix of blah and awesomeness. Blah for the class, awesome for the phone call that interrupted it. Might be getting my old job back; will find out tomorrow at 9. I believe it’s just a formality, salary negotiations and nothing else, based on what I heard. Needless to say, this should feed my book habit!