Re-Hearse Friday: Surveillance Continues

Jeff VanderMeer • April 24th, 2009 @ 12:51 pm • Culture, Photos

You might remember the hearse that parked opposite our house.

It’s back. Yesterday it just sat there idling for awhile, and when I approached in my hoodie, MMA Affliction t-shirt, and surfer pants, it sped off. I don’t know if these two things are related: my approach and its retreat.

Anyway, today I decided to be more circumspect when it appeared. So I drove down our street with my phone nonchalantly angled like I was texting…while I was instead taking photos. Here’s how that turned out…

UPDATE: 2:07, hearse gone again.


Here you can see my approach. I thought about cutting the engine and my lights so I could glide past, but thought that might look suspicious. The back doors of the hearse are open, and there’s some kind of rag or towel protruding. I didn’t see any blood.


Then things went a little wonky, with the drive-by imminent. This was supposed to be a close-up of the back of the hearse and whatever was inside. Instead, it’s a close-up of my own steering wheel and car keys. Which might still prove relevant during subsequent phases of the investigation.


This last shot should’ve been the crowning glory–I was right alongside the hearse and wanted a view of the crucial open side door, but my car was going a little too fast as I’d just seen two massive figures emerge from the house beyond the hearse. But I think you can still see the outlines of the hearse, or at least the tree above the hearse, which may also prove to be important in some way. More intel next week.


12 Responses to “Re-Hearse Friday: Surveillance Continues”

  1. Kathie Leung says:

    Hmmm… something tells me this is going a bit too far in the lines of readers seeding plots to see if the author will take the hint and write a tale. Although, it does give me a few good ideas. There was this story I was thinking it would be awesome if… Sorry, got to go. I have some things to pick up at the hardware store and then there’s an arrangement I should make before it gets too far into the weekend.

    May the hearse be with you, Jeff.

    Or not.

  2. Michael says:

    Maybe your neighbor is a mortician who just happens to have a cheerleader-daughter?? Or maybe Joss Whedon is filming a Buffy sequel in your neighborhood?

  3. jeff vandermeer says:

    I am afraid the truth, once uncovered, may pale before the larger conspiracy.

  4. jeff vandermeer says:

    Wow. It’s back. And there are like twenty people piling out of it.

  5. GlenH says:

    A themed 21st birthday party with copious preparation?

  6. josh says:

    Haha, love the surveillance photos!

    You should post up in a tree with a video camera . . . then again, you’re dealing with a mysterious hearse and potentially dangerous subjects . . .

  7. Will Hindmarch says:

    Now, when you say “twenty people,” do you mean “twenty living people?”

  8. Xelgaex says:

    Obviously the only logical thing to do is sit in your car waiting for it to leave and then following it. That could get lonely though so you’ll need a sidekick. Perhaps an octopus with a pipe. She can’t smoke it in her tank of course, but she claims it helps her think.

  9. Will Humphreys says:

    Don’t do this to me. I’ve just been reading Blaylock and this is the first thing I see when I get online. If it shows up around here I’ll be giving it a good piece of my mind. So long as it’s not like that car out of ‘Dead End’…

  10. Bill Ectric says:

    This was obviously electromagnetic interference with your camera. You are lucky your engine didn’t stall. That hearse is not of this world. Proceed with caution.

  11. Joe says:

    You don’t have one of the young ladies from Ghost World moving into the neighbourhood, do you?

  12. Matt Staggs says:

    Just dropping in to express my enthusiasm for the pipe-smoking octopus sidekick.

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