J.G. Ballard Linkage

Just posted an Omnivoracious piece with linkage to some of the best tributes to Ballard–among which I must classify the edgy/funny one above, from Rhys Hughes’ blog, where he also writes:

“…nothing will ever erode the staggering importance, the extreme malignity and the utter originality of his novel Crash! and its relevance to the world we live in. The featured photograph is my tribute to that masterpiece. The cost of the picture was £2.05 (£1 for the toy car, 85p for the firelighters stuffed inside the chassis and 20p for the box of matches to ignite the wreck). The wreck itself was created by bashing the car with a pebble found on the beach.”


  1. drax says

    Thanks for the linkage. Could spend all day in there, but duty calls. BTW, Rhys Hughes’ photo and accompanying text is so so SO much better than the music vid he attached…