[A couple of unrelated programming notes: Secret Lives orders go out this weekend, and SF Site has a MindMeld in which I pick on Elizabeth Hand, Kage Baker, Rachel Swirsky, Meghan McCarron, and Micaela Morrissette.]

Heh. Prototype. Not perfect. Not fly right yet. But…progress. Back to the laboratory. Sometimes I think I might be a little nuts, but when I do pull this off, it will be made of cool.


  1. says

    OMFG! YES? YES! Hurry up and finish it and GIVE IT HERE. FISHIES. PRECIOUS.

    (If for any reason you want more fishy photos, I’ve a bucketload from Osaka.)

    (No beluga.)

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I might need some–it depends on the final format. And how I flesh out the story.