Bblurrry Mmornin Ddlights

A little rough this morning, but happy to be sitting down with this and to have gotten that. Yeah! Leena Krohn makes me smile.



Gawd, I gotta get Bookfinch off my desk so I can get back into some fiction writing…meanwhile, this site, pointed out to me by Matt Staggs, makes me laugh really hard. Sample below.

“Hey, do you have a light? How about a BeDazzler?”


  1. says

    “Some people say hip-hop is dead. We just do this to make sure.”

    And I thank you.

    Great site. Also, Bookfinch? Is it that bad?

    There’s nothing quite like being sick-to-fucking-death of your own work.

  2. says

    Naw, it’s just that I have so many projects going, and so much new fiction I want to write that the normal editing cycles are killing me on Finch and Booklife–mostly because they’re happening at the same time with the same deadlines. No worries, though. Just bitching about army food, so to speak.