Cultpop TV on Predator, Shriek, Weird Tales, Pirates, Steampunk, Evil Monkey

Cult Pop has just put up the video of their interview with me and Ann. Click on episode #28. Recorded very early this year, I think. The alien baby, a Romanian spaceship, and other props make an appearance. Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely, the interviewer never asked us what that crazy stuff was, even after he saw our half of the video…er, and must remember to look at camera more.


(1) We both took a shot of whisky before the interview. SOP for video interviews.
(2) I’d f—ed up my shoulder at the gym and was in considerable discomfort throughout.
(3) I kept looking down not because I had any notes but because we’d put the speaker phone there.
(4) The cats twice almost knocked the tripod down, and once one of them hocked up a hairball. I think they edited that out.
(5) Ann actually gets nervous before these things.
(6) I had the uncomfortable sensation during the Predator portion of babbling uncontrollably at the same time that I kept thinking about grocery lists and some program we wanted to watch that night, which meant I kept having to re-enter my own narrative so I wouldn’t just trail off. Hate it when that happens.
(7) We had a lot more props, but they wouldn’t fit on the video screen capture.


  1. says

    Thanks again for taking the time to be on the show. Your fans might want to check out episode 10 of Cult Pop which we shot in late 2007. By the way I do love the props!

  2. Ennis Drake says

    1) Good idea. Whiskey burn; whiskey soothe.
    4) LMAO! No, no, the cat’s fine. *uncomfortable silence* It’ll be over in a minute. Really. OK, see, all done. *less uncomfortable silence* Yeah? Good. Good, take that out.
    5) I don’t blame her. I’d probably have to have three shots of whiskey.
    6) You really are high-strung, aren’t you? ; )

  3. Jonathan K. Stephens says

    Now those were two vastly enjoyable interviews! Absolutely fascinating and IMHO required viewing for any fans of Ann & Jeff. Jim Hall does a great job of interviewing you both. Very professional and very well done. I wasn’t familiar with Cult Pop before but I’ve bookmarked that page since there’s lots of other material there I want to see.

    Many Thanks to all involved for this.


  4. says

    Kudos to Jim Hall! He’s the guy who introduced me to Mr. VanderMeer’s books! I’m proud to be part of Cult Pop ( at least on music and art contribution level ) ….. will definitely be subscribing to Weird Tales soon. :)