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    Dude! You’ve got a Playboy photospread!

    I bet you never imagined that’d happen. Is there a picture of you by the fire with a big scarf?

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    Seriously, this is the most harmless gentleman’s mag I’ve ever seen, not that I’m claiming to have seen any. I wouldn’t post photos of it otherwise, frankly. Wish I could tell the stories of the various bizarre sexually explicit things that’ve been shoved my way on book tours, though. Someday.

    Meanwhile: please focus yer eyeball thingees on: Joanna Russ book, Star Wars pop out book, J. Robert Lennon collection, etc.

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    Jeff, I noticed the heading “Nowa Fantastyka” in one of the Playboy photos. I’ve submitted work there . . . what’s your experience with the publication been like? Or is that bit completely unrelated?

    I’m digging on that Moribito II cover. And the Tim Lebbon title is total eye candy; never read him, but if I saw that on the shelf it’d be mine.

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    I read the Satrapi book (Chicken with Plums) this past weekend and it reminded me of Maus in a good way, without any slavish imitation there. Now I want to read her Persepolis stories sometime. Do want to read the Mendlesohn book on Russ sometime – whose the publisher? I wonder what connection, if any, Goats have with Typewriters, though.

    I guess we all should be thankful you didn’t appear in the Polish edition of Playgirl? :P