(growing a beard is easy, except for those not trying hard enough, erm, trying hard enough, actually)

(Polish Playboy harmless for its type–more like Men’s Health mixed with EW mixed with, er, Playboy.)

(someone doesn’t belong)


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    Dude! You’ve got a Playboy photospread!

    I bet you never imagined that’d happen. Is there a picture of you by the fire with a big scarf?

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    Seriously, this is the most harmless gentleman’s mag I’ve ever seen, not that I’m claiming to have seen any. I wouldn’t post photos of it otherwise, frankly. Wish I could tell the stories of the various bizarre sexually explicit things that’ve been shoved my way on book tours, though. Someday.

    Meanwhile: please focus yer eyeball thingees on: Joanna Russ book, Star Wars pop out book, J. Robert Lennon collection, etc.

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    Jeff, I noticed the heading “Nowa Fantastyka” in one of the Playboy photos. I’ve submitted work there . . . what’s your experience with the publication been like? Or is that bit completely unrelated?

    I’m digging on that Moribito II cover. And the Tim Lebbon title is total eye candy; never read him, but if I saw that on the shelf it’d be mine.

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    I read the Satrapi book (Chicken with Plums) this past weekend and it reminded me of Maus in a good way, without any slavish imitation there. Now I want to read her Persepolis stories sometime. Do want to read the Mendlesohn book on Russ sometime – whose the publisher? I wonder what connection, if any, Goats have with Typewriters, though.

    I guess we all should be thankful you didn’t appear in the Polish edition of Playgirl? :P