So, What’re You Doing This Weekend?

I spent part of my holiday arm-wrestling a child. Always up for a challenge! Afterwards, I body-slammed a chipmunk. Then I punted a bunny rabbit.




  1. says

    Nothing much. About to mail off boxes of books to friends of mine near and far. Celebrating Holy Week still, but relieved that I can now eat meat again, as rabbit food doesn’t appeal to me at all. Finally reading [i]The Last Unicorn[/i]. Oh, and idly pondering what would happen if Dino Buzzati and Neil Gaiman were crossed, what would be the literary offspring?

  2. says

    Ah, I suppose you’re right, although I suspect that idle thought of mine comes in part from reading all those silly comparison points in reviews, saying Author X is like the offspring of Authors Y and Z. Of course, now I wonder what the literary offspring of The Eye of Argon and Eragon would be like…

  3. Marty Stephenson says


    I’m gonna have some Boddington’s, finish Jay Lake’s Mainspring and watch ice hockey (Go Ducks!).
    Happy Passover and Easter everyone!!!