PKD Award

Congrats to David Walton, whose Terminal Mind from Meadowhawk Press in Memphis just won the Philip K. Dick Award.

Update: Er, now in the comments section of Cheryl Morgan picking up my link, some confusion is expressed as to the results. Adam Troy-Castro and Walton are sharing the award? There’s no special citation? As I recall, the original announcement about the finalists was off a bit, too. So…will await official press release. I got my intel directly from the publisher of Terminal Mind. (In this age of twitter/facebook/etc., it seems awfully…silly?…not to have a press release ready to send off at the exact moment of the actual results being announced at the ceremony. Especially for an SF award!)


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    Jeff, things are awfully confused. I checked the video of the Awards presentation in the Norwescon Livejournal and they seemed to mention a Special Citation in the beginning but right after that they announced a tie between Terminal Mind and Emissaries for the Dead and made a joke (which I didn´t get) at the end, regarding “the real winner”. I still don´t get it. I e-mailed Adam Troy-Castro about it but he didn´t answer yet. On the other hand, David Walton announced in his site that they are really sharing the real award, with no Special Citation this year. So, we´re all waiting for the official press release.

    And yes, I agree entirely as to the question of “age of twitter/facebook/etc”. I´m doing a feature on the PKD Award both for PWT and for Fantasy Book Critic and spent most of the night here in Brazil checking the official sites of the event and couldn´t find anything! Just you wait for the Worldcon coverage, gentlefolk, just you wait… ;-)

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    I had a late start – I´ve been sick (in the hospital for a couple of days). I´m still running it, though, if you want to check it out.

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    Thank, Cheryl! I´m going to spread the news!
    Jeff, I´m going to do a feature on the Arthur C. Clarke Award soon! I´ll let you know when I´ll publish the first post!