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Someone emailed me today and asked what’s on my blog favorites list on my browser. It’s pretty sparse, frankly. I’ve pared it down quite a bit because I was just sick of being overwhelmed with information, and also I have a low b.s. threshold at the moment. What’s on there now is a combo of blogs that I think of as “no bullshit zones,” blogs I’m just curious about recently and may or may not have staying power, a couple of news/review sites (Barnes & Noble has been publishing some really high-quality reviews), and then a few blogs of friends (which, coincidentally, all qualify as “no-b.s. zones,” too; I have good friends). This doesn’t include stuff I browse casually every once in awhile. And I’m sure I’ll go back to having a longer list, but for now this is more than enough, especially since plenty of intel comes in through email every day.


Forbidden Planet

John Coulthart

Silence Without

Barnes & Noble Review


Blog o’ Beer

The Mumpsimus

Angela Slatter

Bibliophile Stalker

Jacob McMurray

Cheryl’s Mewsings

Enter the Octopus

Eric Orchard

My Whole Expanse I Cannot See


  1. says

    I resent the implication that my blog may be a bullshit free zone. I work very hard to fill my bit of the internet with quality bullshit.

  2. jeff vandermeer says

    There’s bullshit and then there’s bullshit. I haven’t even mentioned horsecrap or penguin droppings…or turds.

  3. drax says

    Oh, thanks Jeff. Great list. Bookmarked scads of them, including the ace bullshit provider above.

  4. says

    Nice list; have five on my blogroll already and been meaning to add a few others. Disappointed to see that Harriet Klausner’s blog wasn’t on there, though. Surely you don’t think she’s full of bullshit, right?

  5. says

    Ha! Larry–I actually check your blog on my cell phone. I can’t have you on my main blog list on the puter because your posts are so long I lose work time. ;)

  6. says

    That’s cool! :D I’m just honored that people actually take the time to read what I write, because sometimes it’s worse than BS; it’s showing me losing the plot halfway through a review, sometimes :P

    So, do we have to ask you for a sequel post for sites read on your cell phone now? ;)

  7. says

    Cheers for the plug, Jeff, I do endeavour to keep the bullshit out, although sometimes we have problems with penguin poo (Edinburgh Zoo’s new day release programme for non flying waterfowl is a good idea but it has some drawbacks).