I Think I Love Charles Tan and Gerry Alanguilan and Ilyn Florese-Alanguilan (and, er, Chickens)

So, I got a FedEx package today from Charles Tan, and in addition to other things I’ll blog about later, it has an attractive box with a picture of some chickens on it. Hmmm, say I. What could this possibly be?

What it turned out to be was a limited-limited edition boxed set of Gerry Alanguilan’s Elmer series of comic books, which you can read part of online, according to Captain Joe Gordon and Forbidden Planet What is Elmer? Again, Gordon and his merry crew have the answer. It’s a great, finely nuanced comic about a world in which chickens are intelligent. Sound odd? It really isn’t. I mean, it’s odd, but it’s strangely poignant. The individual issues look like this:

But not only is it a kick-ass comic, it’s now this incredible limited edition (7 is my lucky number) that just had me salivating as I pawed through it. Hand-crafted by Ilyn Florese-Alanguilan. A few more shots of the extent of this amazing limited. It’s just beautiful. I’m gobsmacked at being sent this. Clearly, Evil Monkey has been living right. Thanks, Charles, Gerry, and Ilyn. When Charles said he was sending an early birthday present, I had no idea…incredibly generous. This goes on the shelf with my limited edition Marukami, signed Angela Carter, and Tartarus Press titles.


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    That limited edition looks gorgeous, I’m quite jealous. Would love to see one of the quality indy comics presses like D&Q or Fanta picking this up for their own edition for a wider audience; interesting set up and there is a real emotional depth to it, especially in the final chapters.

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    Hello Jeff! Wow, that Charles is just awesome. I’m really glad the set got to you in one piece. We made a few of these here and we’ve been personally meeting with those who bought them because we wanted to be sure they’re undamaged. Thanks very much for posting it here, that’s really so great of you. Me and Ilyn both appreciate it.

    Hello Joe! I’ve actually been approaching a few publishers about Elmer. I’ve already gotten a few passes, which is just all right. I haven’t approached D&Q or Fantagraphics yet though, but I will. If worse comes to worse, I’ll take a crack at doing it myself.