April Fool’s Jokes

Just a few choice ones:

Clarions to Reduce Weeks, Team Up with SyFy, and Engage in Cage Fighting (see Kelly Link swear like sailor) – by a certain squid…

Mashups, Including My Forthcoming War and Peace/Alien-Pred Novel (and more fool linkage in the sidebar)

New Dollar Sign to Reflect Economic Conditions

Juno to Publish a Line of Books for Men

PETA Unsure About Furries

Can You Withstand Ukraine’s National Anthem?

NASA, Ahem, Humor About Astronaut’s Head (oh dem NASA peeps, they cracks me up)

Academic Publisher Humor (oh–stop, stop; yer killin’ me here…SPEW? Reeeally?)

Cheryl Morgan has links to some here, as well.

So does Mediabistro…

And, finally, a few of the more obscure ones:

Jordan’s Wheel of Time Keeps on Rolling–Now Three New Concluding Volumes

SFWA Changes Mission Statement

First Twitter Hardcover Published


  1. says

    Sadly, that one about the Wheel of Time is real. But it has been fun having fun with those who are decrying it these past few days, I’ll admit :P