Graceland, MidSouthCon, Etc.


In transit tomorrow, but just a couple of photo albums of possible interest. (And above a photo I think got left out of the Memphis photo set I posted earlier.)



Had a lovely time but will be happy to be home. Met many wonderful people. And C.J. Cherryh is seriously amazing. She should do a book on writing.



  1. says

    C.J. Cherryh’s The Dreamstone and The Tree of Swords and Jewels (I read the latter first) amazed me. I was lost in the novels. Can you tell us more about what she had to say? Safe travels.

  2. Marmot Dancin' says

    It’s hard to give you specifics. It’s more that in just a few words, using images and metaphors that immediately gained traction in your mind, she dispensed incredibly good writing advice in incredibly condensed form. That’s a real skill. I’ve seen writers talk on and on about a subject and not give as good advice as she gave in just a couple of sentences.