Effective Immediately

Jeff VanderMeer • March 16th, 2009 @ 10:04 am • Uncategorized


…this blog will be known as Eksy Dys, per the always hyper-smart Sci Fi Channel’s decision to replace stalwart vowels with iffy ones and call themselves, dumb roll please, Sy Fy. Wot wot? Did April Fool’s Day come early. Am I awake? Am I?

16 Responses to “Effective Immediately”

  1. Luí­s Rodrigues says:

    In reality, they want to shed the perception that science fiction fans are a group of maladjusted geeks who can’t get laid. Hence Sy for Syphilis.

  2. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Luys, Y thynk you have a good poynt.

  3. Alex Carnegie says:

    Sigh. Fie!

    This rebranding give me an idea though. Apparently the ‘New Weird’ is dead? Long live NU WYRD!

  4. Cheryl says:

    Y U du thys?

  5. Robert Devereux says:

    If Sy is short for syphilis, is Fy short for fyke? The network becomes a bag shaped trap used when fishing for syphilis.

  6. Jeff VanderMeer says:

    Pawel on the Tor.com discussion points this out:

    In Polish “syfy” is a plural of “syf”, which used to be a slang name for syphilis, now a general pejorative term, meaning (approximately) mess, dirt, etc. How very appropriate!


  7. Sovay says:

    Sy Fy

    O dyr.

  8. Bill Ectric says:

    No, sir, I don’t like it.

  9. Marty Stephenson says:

    That’s just stupid. But, then again look at their programming. Shyt Fy?

  10. John Coulthart says:

    Jyf VyndrMyr?

  11. jeff ford says:

    As long as they run exemplary stuff like Stan Lee’s Harpies with William Baldwin, they can call themselves anything they want.

  12. David Moles says:

    Clearly an effort to differentiate themselves from the sort of SF fan who insists on pronouncing it “skiffy,” and in that spirit, I applaud.

  13. Corey Redekop says:

    Stewpyd mytherfykers.

  14. Joe says:

    Are you now changing to Noo Weerd as well? Iz wel kule.

  15. Seth Merlo says:

    Pretty pointless. If they wanted to distance themselves from the geeky fanboy image in an attempt to prove that SF is much more than that, then doing something about their programming would’ve been the first place to start. Clearly, this decision means they’re not actually interested in SF at all, but what will make them a few $$ more. If they left the name and worked on the programming they could’ve said ‘see, this is what SciFi can really be’.

  16. Felix Gilman says:

    “When we tested this new name, the thing that we got back from our 18-to-34 techno-savvy crowd, which is quite a lot of our audience, is actually this is how you’d text it,” Mr. Howe said. “It made us feel much cooler, much more cutting-edge, much more hip, which was kind of bang-on what we wanted to achieve communication-wise.”

    i salute Mr. Howe’s commitment to self-parody

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