Pleasure Forever and the Cavedogs

Anyone else a fan of the sadly defunct Pleasure Forever?

How about the sadly defunct Cavedogs?

Whatever happened to Cavedog Brian Stevens? He put out one amazing solo CD, Prettier Than You, and then nothing that I’m aware of.


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    Hell yeah, I remember the Cavedogs. Saw them at TT The Bears, back in the longago. Damn good show, that one. Dug the hell out of Joyrides; wasn’t as hot on Soul Martini, though.

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    I will now give a really complicated reply re: Pleasure Forever.

    You see, first there was Angel Hair (, then The VSS (, after which came Slaves (, and then Pleasure Forever (, who were, in point of fact, just Slaves with a new name. The only common member amongst all these bands is Joshua Hughes. They’re all pretty decent, but out of all of them, my favorite by far is Angel Hair (playing their song “New Rocket” here:, though The VSS ( are a close second. I never saw Angel Hair, but I saw The VSS on their first tour, which was almost as good musically and better visually.

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    Yep and yep. I think I have pretty much everything they recorded, including what I suspect was a mailorder-only B-sides thing. Dave the drummer used to write for Skyscraper and is now playing in The Red Sparowes – The singer has a new hippie weird/free-folk thing going but I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. I’m pretty sure it’s linked off the PF MySpace page.

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    As a matter of fact, Andy from Angel Hair is also in Red Sparowes, as is Cliff from Isis! Band connections are fun.