The Egg of Writer-Reader Comprehension

Not sure if I give a fig or not about the book under discussion on Champion’s blog, but I sure thought Brian Francis Slattery’s author Eric Kraft’s diagram was interesting. Somehow it also evoked Dante’s levels of Hell for me. Don’t know why.



  1. AT Sarazin says

    This is a great image, and it also applies equally to any endeavor of art. Something mysterious goes in, something mysterious comes out, not the same thing! Good stuff.

  2. says

    Eric Rosenfield is right–that was a graph Kraft posted in response to a little tiny riff I had about memory and the truth and blah-dee-blah blah. Honestly, the graph is way more interesting than what I said. Is it not hysterical? I love how it ends with publication–straight from the author’s persona. (Where’s the copyediting?)

  3. says

    On a mostly off-topic note, while I had read some of Pessoa’s writings, never thought about the Ricardo Reis/José Saramago connection. Now I have to see about reading this book ASAP…the Saramago, not the Kraft one, which I still have reservations about, regardless of the namedropping of several of my favorite authors.

  4. Jeff VanderMeer says

    It’s actually more hysterical the more I look at it. I don’t know why but this morning I took a look at it and just started giggling.

  5. Jeff VanderMeer says

    I’ve also mislabeled this post, in that it’s mostly all about the author.

  6. says

    John, that first picture at the link you provided (Dante’s Inferno, Map of Whole Hell (1587?) reminds me of the city in Jay Lake’s story, The Lizard of Ooze, in the New Weird anthology.

  7. says

    For the reader’s mind, I suppose you might as well repeat the diagram as another adjoining the first except with publication entering the egg (signifying our perception of what we’re reading) and having at the ‘end of the road’ our final considered reading of what we’ve read. Then this reading (see reviews, comments, etc) goes back in via the author’s perceptions – whether the persona’s a tough shell or an eminently permeable menbrane depends upon how thick skinned/receptive they are. Then it’s just one more ingredient toward the next publication.

    We filter everything through our mind/memory/imagination, whether we’re writing or reading – after all, reading’s a creative act: we create new meaning through our perception of what we read… I think the diagram’s actually applicable to all human thought rather than merely the process of writing.

    “Reality, etc” is a great heading btw. Quite a blasé way of putting it, full of bathos – “Reality and stuff, you know”