Graphica Received: Waltz with Bashir, Star Trek Manga, and More

The graphic novel of the acclaimed animated film (which I will hopefully see tonight). And a detail page:

Inappropriate strangeness on the left, cool serenity on the right, which I recently reviewed for Amazon. Trondheim is a god.

Yeah, baby, bring the Star Trek manga. Even more stylized in the characterization than the actual TV series.

Never has there been more truth in a book title…

Cool stuff from Top Shelf…

Finally, some Tokyopop with a side of Top Shelf chapbooks. Er, anyone read these Tokyopop titles? I no know what good, not good.


  1. says

    Peace Maker Kurogane is pretty good (in a shonen fun-watching-people-beat-each-other-up way), but I think what you’ve got there is the first volume of the second series, which might be hard to follow just jumping in. The first series is released in the US as simply “Peace Maker”.