Say No to Guaranteed Government Sponsored F***

Michael Phillips continues to be my hero.

Be nice if I woke up tomorrow to another thirty blog posts with this title.


  1. says

    Damn it to hell! This is all I need. Disabled people getting affirmitive action over me for sex. Now I’ll never get laid. This is not the country I know and love!

  2. says

    I get the feeling the Republicans would claim it is socialist screwing, but they would state it in such a maladroit way as to turn even more people against them. Thing I’ve noticed about people with disabilities in my classroom over the years is that they are generally the hardest working, most upbeat people I’ve known. Kinda wish I had special ed certification when I think about it.

    And yes, say no to mercy f’n.

  3. Revirginized says

    I’m with Bill. I’m 47. Divorced. My kids are adults, now. I made 70G last year, which may not be much by some standards, but I only have myself to support. I’m not a beauty, but I’m, at least, average looking. The last time I had sex was Jan. 1998 after the Supper Bowl. How about a little affirmative action for someone held chaste against her will?

  4. says

    Michael nailed it. His blog’s actually one of the links from this one that I’m most glad I clicked.

    The post’s title, “F*ck the disability community’ is a marvellous pun as well.