A Mystery Revealed: The Secret Trekkie Life of Author Meg Gardiner

(Meg Gardiner with a friend, trekkin’ it up; posted with permission.)

This photograph, which Meg sent me today, gives me great and lasting joy–along with the accompanying email, which included this bit: “Title it Star Trek: The Awful Truth. It was taken at the Star Trek exhibition in Hyde Park, London, in 2003. My friend wishes to remain anonymous. I have no idea why, but shall honor her request.”

Many of you may remember that when Meg guest-blogged over the summer, she mentioned wearing a Star Trek costume. But without photographic evidence how were we to believe her? Now I believe.

Ann’s now reading Meg’s novels and really enjoying them. I’ve fallen a little behind, but will catch up soon.


  1. says

    Well done, Meg :)
    I have to admit I was one who was a little sceptical but the camera never lies (unless you have Photoshop!) and now we have the proof!
    Certainly a Trekkie to Klingon to :)