Yep, I’m Back–2nd Anniversary, and Thanks to Blake and Phillips

(What’s this all about, then? Find out this week. Thanks, Angie.)

A huge thanks to Michael Phillips and Victoria Blake for guest blogging the last few weeks while I finished off deadlines and visited Australia. I think both added some unique content and points of view, and I hope you start following both Lithium Creations and Underland Press.

Upcoming this week: thoughts on Clarion South, Booklife, Monstrous Creatures, and Native Species–along with the return of the 60 in 60.

Finally, just a note that February 9th marked the second anniversary of living full-time off of my writing. It was a tough year deadline-wise, but also satisfying from a creative perspective. I stretched myself on several fronts, learned a lot, and came out the other end in a much stronger position. I am now, most months, doing less work for more reward. A huge thanks to Ann for her support in this endeavor. While self-sustaining, I still wouldn’t be able to do it without her by my side, for a variety of reasons.

The next few years will see lots of new cool projects: the return of Leviathan, a book on beer, a steampunk coffee table book, super-amazing original anthologies, a collaborative novel and a new non-Ambergris novel, and probably a couple of books on the craft of writing–along with graphic novels and collaborations with musicians. If I don’t get hit by a truck, this should be a truly amazing time in terms of diversity and creativity. I feel like I’m just hitting my stride. (Chest-beating? No–more like self-reassurance. Everything could go south in two seconds. LOL.)