Welcome Michael Phillips: Guest Blogging Feb. 15 – 21


Please welcome Michael Phillips, a writer from Tampa, Florida, as this week’s guest blogger. The written word, to him, is like fine art, like liquor, beautiful and intoxicating. He’ll tell you writing’s possibly the only thing he does well, which is probably true. Due to the magic of bad genetics he doesn’t walk, nor does he breathe without the assistance of machines. One could also argue that he’s simply astonishingly lazy. Michael also doesn’t speak due to a little breathing tube in his throat, thus Johnny Depp once played his voice on an Emmy award winning episode of Showtime’s This American Life.

Michael writes something akin to a live memoir at Lithium Creations, as well as short fiction. At night, he’s a disco goddess.


  1. R-Man says

    Yoh! Will see if this one posts. Maybe my comments have been censored? You do well at writing even if you are a disco goddess. To paraphrase a Beatles lyric…” the movement you need is on your …thumb.” Oh by the way, who was Semolina Pilchard?


  2. Joe C. says

    You’re like watching a silent move with a color poster to show us who the star is………….and you write like a star. I don’t know if you understand what you are fully all about, however, trust me that others can see a wonder at work. JC