New York

I got back from NYC yesterday, tired and happy. Not the smartest time, in retrospect, to guest blog… Some highlights from the week…

This is me, shocked and happy at the first in-the-flesh siting of Last Days on a store shelf. Face out, front of store, yippie! Thanks St. Marks Bookshop! Brian will be reading at the store in Feb 19, so be sure to come out if you’re in the area.

(Pay no attention to the odd hair here. It was VERY windy that day.)

St. Mark's Bookshop bookshelf

This next one is an image from the convention. It’s a new touch-screen ink-based e-reader, with a screen as big as a full piece of paper. It’s called Plastic, I think… Their developing it now, but it should be released in 2010. Wireless and super compatible with all the current file formats.


And finally, I met with Simon Drax, a new Underland author. You’ll be hearing about him more and more. He’s very talented, with an imagination like nobody I’ve encountered before.

That paper on the table? That’s the actual contract we just signed…


Oh, okay. One more. This is me at the Met on the day off. The first time I saw this Pollock, the first time I got up close enough so that it filled my entire field of vision, my heart started racing and I began to sweat. It doesn’t have that effect on me now, but it was fun while it lasted.



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