Graphica Received: Waltz with Bashir, Star Trek Manga, and More

The graphic novel of the acclaimed animated film (which I will hopefully see tonight). And a detail page:

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Books Received: Vance, Wicked Plants, Invisible Prague, and More

(Okay, so I know this is the one everyone will be excited about, and I am, too–after all, I have a story in it, but frankly the book that’s got me way thrilled right now is the next one mentioned…)

Yeah, what happened to being back next week? Well, a couple days of going to bed at 1am instead of 11pm, combined with exercise in the afternoons and melatonin before sleeping, has me feeling much more like a normal human being.

So here’re books received and graphica received, with wombat contest winner Monday afternoon. Enjoy! (I’ll be curious to have your thoughts on some of these titles…)

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Finch Hyper Remix

updated fer zee hardcore fans

Later, in memory, it would be a fractured mix of shouts and screams and bullets flying and running into the back of X to keep as close as possible.

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Ruskin Bacon Medley

One extra benefit of the trip to Australia–picked up a biography of John Ruskin. And I came back to find that Claire Connelly had sent me a copy of a bio of Francis Bacon. I’m really looking forward to reading both. (Thanks, Claire!)

For full effect, check out the Daily Show this week, which at about 5:15 into the show featured a bit on Baconnaise that just about killed me with laughter. My sides are still hurting.

Say No to Guaranteed Government Sponsored F***

Michael Phillips continues to be my hero.

Be nice if I woke up tomorrow to another thirty blog posts with this title.

Best American Fantasy: Moving to Underland

Effective immediately, the Best American Fantasy series is moving from Prime Books to Underland Press. Volume 3, guest-edited by Kevin Brockmeier (series editor Matthew Cheney), will be published by Underland in early 2010. The contents will be announced shortly. In another change, the year will be dropped from the title and each installment will just go by the volume number. This will allow for greater flexibility in scheduling.

Best American Fantasy 2 is now available–featuring fiction by Rick Moody, Aimee Bender, Kelly Link, Peter S. Beagle, Jeffrey Ford, Kage Baker, and more–and contributor copies will go out shortly. Thanks to Sean Wallace at Prime for his help in creating the series.

Here’re the acknowledgments for volume 2:

Putting together a book of this sort is an immense endeavor. We
could not have done it without the help and support of many people, including John Joseph Adams, Michael Bergstein, Kate Bernheimer, Frederic Chabot, Connor Cochran, Eli Horowitz, John Klima, Tessa Kum, Holly MacArthur, Nicola Mason, Jonathan Strahan, Hannah Tinti, Gordon van Gelder, Derek White, Sheila Williams, and Renee Zuckerbrot. Thanks to Clayton Kroh for his invaluable editorial assistance. Special thanks to the many editors, publicists, writers, and staff members of various publications who have sent us material for consideration. We have tried to list information on everything we have received at the back of the book, and we encourage readers to support these publications.

A Mystery Revealed: The Secret Trekkie Life of Author Meg Gardiner

(Meg Gardiner with a friend, trekkin’ it up; posted with permission.)

This photograph, which Meg sent me today, gives me great and lasting joy–along with the accompanying email, which included this bit: “Title it Star Trek: The Awful Truth. It was taken at the Star Trek exhibition in Hyde Park, London, in 2003. My friend wishes to remain anonymous. I have no idea why, but shall honor her request.”

Many of you may remember that when Meg guest-blogged over the summer, she mentioned wearing a Star Trek costume. But without photographic evidence how were we to believe her? Now I believe.

Ann’s now reading Meg’s novels and really enjoying them. I’ve fallen a little behind, but will catch up soon.

60 in 60: To Resume Next Week

Still recovering from jetlag–it’s taking a lot longer than I thought–but determined to complete the 60 in 60. I’ll be resuming next week with #37, Henry David Thoreau’s Where I Lived, and What I Lived For. You’ll just have to trust me when I say I haven’t read any of the remaining books in the period since I left off posting about them. (As it turns out, I didn’t even bring any of them with me to Australia.) But I’m also going to only do the 60 in 60 on weekdays. It’s a question of my sanity. So in a sense I’m going to limp to the finish line, but I’m still going to get there. I’m not sure exactly when next week I’ll start up again. A lot depends on the jetlag.

Here’s the list of what’s remaining for me re the 60 in 60:

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Australian Book Haul

(A Derek Raymond classic; see my recent piece on Amazon.)

Okay, so it’s a small book haul, and most all of it is not Australian. For more on Australian fiction, please check out my various Amazon posts, which include recommendations from the Clarion 2009 students.

I am curious about that Kowalski book. Anyone read it? (Torpedo is, btw, a lit mag, and this issue is devoted to Richard Brautigan.)

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