Ann VanderMeer: Editor Guest of Honor at MidSouth Con, Memphis

Ann’s been named the editor guest of honor for MidSouth Con in Memphis. She’ll be doing a workshop and other cool stuff March 20-22. I’ll be coming along and doing a workshop based on Booklife. This is Ann’s first guest of honor gig and she’s pretty thrilled.

Other Vanderish events for the spring:

February 12, 2009:
Avid Reader Reading, Brisbane (while I’m teaching at Clarion South)

(my favorite photo from Australia last time)

April 30 – May 2, 2009:
Ann and I are guests of the Eaton SF Conference, Riverside CA, participating on a Steampunk panel with Greg Bear, Kathleen Goonan, Tim Powers, and Rudy Rucker. We’ll also be doing a signing.

I should be able to announce one more very cool event for April shortly–and Shared Worlds, the Louisiana Book Festival, and World Fantasy Con are confirmed for later in the year.


  1. says

    Congratulations Ann!

    Sorry I will not be able to meet you and Jeff in Brisbane – quite impossible, but look forward to whenever you make it down south,

  2. says

    Agh! If it were only a week later, I could arrange to attend that Memphis con (as it’s only a three hour drive for me), but that weekend I’ll be rushing to get all the quarter grades done in preparation for the end of the third quarter that week. Maybe next time? :(

    But these do sound like cool events, though :D

  3. Jeff VanderMeer says

    You’re not only in it! You took it! I thought everyone would know you was in the photo, though. Your face isn’t a prop! It’s why I love the photo!

  4. Dave says

    I think you should take a trip down to Sydney while you’re in Australia! Galaxy Bookstore in the city would be the perfect place for a reading.

  5. says

    Guest of Honor . . . that’s a big deal. Congrats, Ann!

    So, does this mean you guys won’t be at ICFA? Haha! I’m still going, because it’s local. And thank you for pointing it out, too, Jeff. I really appreciate it. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it.

  6. says

    At first I thought you told Google to call the library, and it did, and that blew my mind.

    Then I realized that you actually called the library, and my mind became unblown.
    I’ll get back to work…
    If you ask my opinion about this topic I really like. Thank you for sharing your friends. Hope to see you another day.