Shaun Tan on Omnivoracious

Jeff VanderMeer • January 29th, 2009 @ 8:56 pm • Book Reviews

My feature on Tan’s latest. I love this guy’s work.

The quality and subtlety of both the black-and-white and color art reflects a deep understanding of how to use space. Nothing feels cluttered, everything feels balanced. And, in encountering Tan’s written stories for the first time, I was pleased to find that text doesn’t detract from his work.

One Response to “Shaun Tan on Omnivoracious”

  1. Seth Merlo says:

    I loved this one. My mum was able to bring home a copy from work for me to look through when it first came out over here. The stories are fantastic and the art work is magnificent – really imaginative without having to be bizarre. Best of all the whole book is underpinned, I think, with a wonderful Australian vibe. I’d love to adorn my walls with a couple of his limited edition prints.

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