Answering Questions Via Cell Phone: The Future of Interviews?

Joseph Mallozzi was kind enough to host a discussion of City of Saints & Madmen this week as part of an ongoing book club he oversees from his blog. I had agreed to answer any questions from readers, but when Joe sent them to me I had already turned off my computer. So I answered them from my cell phone. I think this improved my performance immeasurably, as typing on the tiny keyboard at one in the morning made me choose my words very carefully indeed. Please go check it out–including a cute photo of my grandson Riley.

A couple of excerpts (it gets pretty strange by the end, with references to banjo playing and county fairs):

I think I understand the squid, which seem to be inspired by Cthulhu, but what was your inspiration for the fungus and Gray Caps?
JV: The squid were inspired by…squid. The fungus was inspired by…fungus. The gray caps were inspired by…the little gray people who [I force to] live in my cellar.

What was the initial reaction to the book’s publication?
JV: Chaos. Riots in the streets. Extreme anger. Indifference. Cookies. Handshakes. Major book deal.

I was wondering what kind of jobs you held prior to your first published work.
JV: Infant. Toddler. Middle schooler. Junior high[er].


  1. says

    If the King Squid were similar to Cthulhu then the Mushroom dwellers would be the least of the Ambergrisians’ worries! I now have an image of dread Hellitose in his parlour lair awaiting offerings of supplication (in a highball glass with olive and umbrella) from his terrified vassal Bauble. But then again, I suppose the squid did send poor old Madnok crazy…

  2. says

    I thought the future of interviews would be authors sending their replies by CandyGram….

    I’ll go read your interview while others doubtless will complete the phrase above ;)

  3. PoorOldEdgarDerby says

    Mr. Vandermeer, I’m a poster from Joe Mallozzi’s blog. I wasn’t able to get your book in time as everywhere I went was sold out (kudos). Still, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time.

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