I’m 24-7 on Booklife–What’re You Working On?

I’m sitting here, back sore, a little frazzled, working on Booklife, hoping the cats won’t hate me for ignoring them for the next couple of weeks. I’m glad this is my last deadline for awhile, because it seems like it’s been one close deadline after another for the last year. Luckily, after Clarion South that all ends for awhile. But it’s a tough slog the next few days.

I’d love it if you guys would post a paragraph or two from whatever you’re working on now, or give a little description of your own creative projects, of any kind. Would be nice to see what others are up to while I’m pretty much sitting here with blinders on most of the time.




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    I’m designing the cover for my novel, Tamper, which is finally finished. I figure, the book took two years to write so I want to spend sufficient time on the cover as well.

    Once the cover is done I’ll be sending out advance review copies, so if anybody wants one, let me know!

  2. says

    Gary: I don’t doubt that. There is, however, an old Mickey Mouse cartoon about a tailor that pretends to be a giant-slayer. Haha! It must be based off the fairy tale. Then again, isn’t most of the early Disney stuff based on fairy tales?

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    Yes, I recall the cartoon. Not one of Mickey’s best roles, but a sure fire hit none the less. Most romantic comedies are actually based off fairy tales, too, I’d wager.

  4. Divers Hands says

    And the award goes to the English Faerie Tale reference. Honestly, I had completely forgotten that old Mickey Mouse cartoon. If it helps, the only Disney references I ever make are entirely inadvertant. I refuse to condone what those bastards have done to perfectly good stories, or their unholy crusade to force government agencies to enforce copyrights that they do not actually hold. It took me two weeks once to convince my superiors at the border that there was no way they could deny a shipment of books containing the Aladdin story because it infringed upon Disney’s copyright, when the Arabian Nights stories have been in the public domain longer than current copyright laws have existed.

    Regardless, I like faerie tales. Not so much stupid little dogs. And I am rather ambivalent on the issue of penises…

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    a city that was shifting and “hard to pin down”

    The Hungry City Chronicles by Philip Reeve feature mobile cities that rove across the continents seeking to assimilate or annihilate each other. Fairly obvious Darwinian capitalism metaphor, but it’s YA, so it’s good fun.

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    @James: Sounds good! Talking of ‘roving cities’ that reminds me of yet another Miéville story: ‘Reports of Certain Events in London’ which features roving streets that somehow shift to different cities around the globe, and a secret society that tracks them. I think this fits in nicely with the idea of city as an amorphous space

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    My busy time has been in game development so I haven’t had time to write. We are developing iPhone games and have one released and are now deep into 3D game development for some real coolness. A happy surprise that I found out yesterday is that one of my stories (The Glow) that was set to audio is in its second year of being used as a class project up in Canada.

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