Books Received–Darwin and Poe (Bonus: Imaginary Beings and Grandson)

A marvelous, wonderful, brilliant, amazing issue of this literary magazine, on evolution–including essays, fiction, and poetry. My favorite poet, Patiann Rogers, is included, and the cover is by Brunetti (although you can only find that out by looking at the fine print in the back). You need this volume.

A stunning cover and interior design for this Solaris mass-market from Ellen Datlow. Almost wish it was a hardcover or trade paperback, but on the other hand it’s one of the most beautiful mass markets I now posess. The introduction by Datlow, though, is kind of lame. The stories look great, but there’s got to be more to say about Poe on his 200th birthday. That’s a minor irritant, though, as there are copious story notes after each tale.

A book I bought tonight–can’t find my old copy.

Toni Jerrman sent me this bleakly hilarious graphic novel of anonymous soldiers fighting a pointless war (along with the best holiday card ever–sorry I haven’t had time to email you yet to thank you, Toni.)

Grandson with puddin’!!

Post puddin’ after-bath wrapped-in-blanket-cocoon grandson!


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    ‘Imaginary Beings’ was the first Borges I read (I’d imagine most people start with ‘Ficciones’) and it’s a lovely little book. Borges at his most playful I think.

  2. says

    Although I prefer reading Borges in the original Spanish, I am tempted to buy a copy of that illustrated edition, because my Spanish edition doesn’t have any illustrations!

  3. Ellen Datlow says

    Hi Jeff,
    Fyi, the simultaneously released US edition is a trade paperback. Neither I nor my contributors have received those copies yet but I saw it at the Poe reading/event at the South street Seaport a few weeks ago. And it does indeed look smashing in the larger size.

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    I have that edition of “Imaginary Creatures”. It’s quite handsome. Looking forward to getting my hands on the POE book and the new Mieville. Hoping the later isn’t too “Dungeons & Dragons-y”.

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    I’m looking forward to seeing POE from Solaris on Friday – so the publisher informs me – as we need to take copies to the UK launch on Saturday in London!

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    Thanks for the post. I am going to get the Poe-inspired stories, and yes, Riley-kins is the cutest. Gorgeous eyes. I have a 12 week old grandson. He’s adorable too!