The Domino Men

My review of The Domino Men by Jonathan Barnes just went up at The Washington Post Book World. I really wanted to like this book more but the unevenness of tone and passivity of the narrator ultimately deep-sixed it for me (despite liking the opening and the title characters).

I thought Barnes’ first novel was great fun and felt really bad about having to write this review. I look forward to reading more by Barnes and plan to seek out whatever his third novel turns out to be, although I won’t be reviewing it unless I like it.

Finally, I’ll just note that if you don’t read the second half of the novel it becomes glaringly obvious in your review–I don’t believe reviewers for a couple of trade publications actually read the whole thing.


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    I didn’t read The Somnambulist before getting this from Amazon Vine. I just finished it (and need to write a review). I found it a bit too jarring. Funny enough, one thought I had when reading this was “Vandemeer has done this sort of thing better”